Rough and Rugged Obstacles

Part of what makes the Rough and Rugged course so unique (and ridiculously rugged) is the abundance of natural obstacles already laid out for us. In addition, we like to build some of our own every year. Some stay the same, others change each season. Here's a bit of a preview of what you may find on the course this time around!

  • Tunnel Crawl
    These tunnels run underground, uphill and are not for the faint of heart or the claustrophobic. Only use the short tunnel. We tried the longer one once and haven't seen our test runner since...

  • Stairs of Doom
    Nearly vertical wooden ties go up the side of a cliff. Climb them faster than anyone else, and you just might break records (and hopefully nothing else!).

  • Wet 'n Wild
    Fly 100 yards downhill into the pond and see how far you can skip like a rock across its top. This may not be terrifying, but we just about guarantee you'll have a blast on this leg of your journey. Think of it as a chance to shower off, mid-race.

  • Mud Pit of Despair
    Think you can cross this without losing a shoe? This is why duct tape was invented people.

  • Hills, Hills and More Hills
    Holmes County is known for its rolling countryside. From a distance, they are picturesque. Up close, we think you'll find them the greatest challenge on the course. There are very few flat regions on this race, as you are either climbing up or running down many of the huge hills at Skyview Ranch.

  • Crazy Creeks
    Creeks criscross the Ranch at just about every location. If you can get past the frigid water, you may just catch a glimpse of the scenic shale cliffs and sandstone ravines that these creeks have carved out of the rock over the past several hundred years.

  • Vertical Limit
    In fact, you'll get to know these rocks very well. Using nothing more than a rope (or a rope ladder for those who aren't made of pure muscle), scale the cliffs, and press on towards the finish.

  • Feel the Heat
    There's fire. And you run through it. Or jump over it. As long as you don't stop in it you'll be fine. Oh, and it's hot, being continually stoked and fed until the race's completion. 

  • Obstacle Course (Tire'd Yet, Balancing Act, Bale Out)
    There's only one part of the race that's truly flat (with the exception of the finish line that is) and we thought to ourselves, "Not okay" we built some obstacles instead. You'll have to have fast feet, a good vertical, and incredible balance to overcome the most man-made part of the race!

  • Over the River
    Oh good, a bridge to cross the creek! Oh wait, it's wobbly. And made of cables and rope instead of sturdy wood planks. Grab a buddy and see how well you can balance and shuffle your way to the other side!

  • And More
    Skyview Ranch Staff are highly skilled at coming up with incredibly awesome things last minute. We never know what all they'll surprise us with next! Signs will be posted at each obstacle (minus enormous hills and creeks that is) giving you an idea of what to do. Remember, it's all about having fun and pushing yourself. If you feel uncomfortable doing any of the obstacles in your way, feel free to run past them guilt free!